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'Umm ... have you met YOU?' Tom Nichols lecturing Tweeps about never admitting 'their guy' is wrong goes OH so wrong

Is this Tom Nichol’s way of admitting Biden sucks and voting for him was a huge mistake? Nah.

We all know The Expert™ would never, ever admit he was wrong, even when his actions and words have led to one of the worst presidency’s in this country’s history.


And no, we’re not being melodramatic.



Gosh, we’re not experts like Tom or anything but that list seems really really really bad.

And Biden has ‘accomplished’ all of this in just over eight months.


You know he and our other ‘betters’ know Biden was a mistake, but they’ll never actually admit that Trump was the better option. They have spent so long trying to convince everyone else they know BEST that to admit they were grossly wrong now would likely be impossible.

So we’ll just point and laugh.

We don’t recall Tom ever admitting Trump was right about anything.

Or that Biden would be SO VERY WRONG.

Scary, ain’t it?


And business is GOOD.



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