Man, when you look at it THIS way, Biden looks even worse.

Iowahawk put together a damn good thread on Biden, Afghanistan, our military leaders, and the Taliban; we kinda sorta love that he started it out with a ‘How it Started/How it’s Going’ tweet:

And it just gets worse and worse.

Awww yes, the drone that killed children.

The one they claimed killed the leader of ISIS-K or whatever they’re calling them out of convenience.


What. Were. They. THINKING?!

Such a disaster.

Don’t disagree at all with one word he said here, except that a golf course may even be too much responsibility for these troglodyte losers.

It’s completely annoying how many people keep trying to make the argument about whether or not we should have left at all. No one is making the case that we should continue nation-building in Afghanistan, but the way Biden pulled out, the sloppy and deadly nature of his actions and decisions, are absolutely problematic and will likely lead to hundreds (thousands) of Americans left behind.

Yup, they should all be sh*t-canned.



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