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REEEE! CNN's Brianna Keilar and Clarissa Ward get TOO honest about Biden's Afghanistan disaster and the Left just can't DEAL

When Biden has lost CNN …

CNN viewers want CNN to stop reporting the truth about what’s happening in Afghanistan. We suppose they feel like if the media would just ignore the hundreds (thousands) of Americans trapped under Taliban rule that it would just go away and Biden’s approval rating would go back up.


Honestly, we’re surprised Brianna Keilar and Clarissa Ward are being even this upfront about what is happening there.


Notice, they didn’t show Biden checking his watch while the fallen landed here at America, so you know, CNN is still gonna CNN.

But still.

Annnd now that song will be in our heads all day.


We’d say terrified? Horrified? Despondent even?

After all, it does appear their country is deserting them.


What was most interesting was her ‘fans’ telling her to stop reporting on the truth about what’s happening in Afghanistan. Almost like they know how absolutely damaging it is to their president, Sleepy Joe.


Seriously stop what? Reporting the truth for a change? C’mon, Brianna still isn’t reporting it with the gravity it deserves. But she’s not hiding it or blaming Trump so we suppose this makes CNN viewers, especially Biden supporters, angry.

Drama queens?


Because you know, CNN is always targeting Biden.

How many Americans, Azariah?



Their fault for being there, ya’ know.

Don’t blame Biden.

Even though as late as July, Biden was reassuring us all NONE OF THIS would happen.

Those darn Americans and their all-too-short skirts.



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