If anyone had ANY doubt that Afghanistan is on Biden?

Yeah, not anymore.

And honestly, the phrasing ‘f**kup in Afghanistan’ couldn’t be more perfect when it comes to describing what we’ve witnessed over the past week. And sadly what we continue to witness yet today.

Take a look. As Damir says, ‘game, set, and match’:

Guess what they chose.

Hastily arranged meeting … everything about Afghanistan has been hastily arranged by the Biden admin but we digress.

How TF did this happen?

Yes, that’s a facetious question because we all know this was a fail at the top.

Someone said no. Now, since the buck stops with Joe we should be able to assume he was the one who said no BUT we also suspect Joe isn’t deciding much of anything these days so there’s that as well.

This isn’t rocket science.

And Joe still couldn’t figure it out.

Surprise, panic, and fateful choices.

Couldn’t have said it better.



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