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'We're about to ABANDON Americans': Adam Housley shares DAMNING tweets from former CIA still connected to #Afghanistan in thread

Biden’s legacy – thousands of Americans left behind.

Hell, even Adam Schiff admitted with the August 31st deadline there is no way they’re getting everyone out.


What a tremendous fail.

This thread from Adam Housley of comments from a friend who is former CIA and still connected massively in Afghanistan is just absolutely infuriating and depressing, all in one.

Take a look:

And we know the Taliban has already told Biden to eff off, they are not extending the deadline.

Such leadership, begging terrorists for more time.


If anyone still thinks government cares about them or their safety, we have a bridge for sale … cheap.



Eliminate people by the thousands.

But you know, this is a friendlier Taliban that has told us they will respect women’s rights and stuff.


Sadly, with this sh*thole administration, it’s all too believable.



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