Man, Biden is just so BAD at this whole being president thing.

Seriously, we knew it wouldn’t be great with Corn Pop’s greatest foe in the White House, but this has been apalling.

When Adam Schiff is the guy telling the truth on Afghanistan for example?


Check out the entire thread:


AKA we’re stranding Americans in Afghanistan.

Sorry, Jen P-sucky, but that’s just the reality of this crap administration.

So. Stranded.

An attractive target for ISIS? You don’t say!

But but but … Biden said he had no way of knowing how quickly the country would fall.


Remember in July when Biden told us otherwise?

So where is the failure?

Pretty sure we know EXACTLY where it is … and he’s probably busy eating ice cream right now.


Oh, they won’t impeach their own … now, if Biden was a Republican they’d have impeached him already.


Hey, gotta be inclusive, even with terrorists.

It’s the woke way to be.



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