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Lots and LOTS of brain-dead Lefties squee about and make excuses for shirtless, camel-riding Eric Swalwell but THIS one takes the idiot CAKE

We could have gone our whole lives NOT seeing Eric Swalwell shirtless.

We could have gone our wholes lives and THEN some NOT seeing Eric Swalwell shirtless riding a camel.


And yet here we are.

Guess this is better than ripping a giant fart on national television or you know, banging a Chinese spy but still.

In case you missed it (hey, if we have to see it so do you):

Tucker Carlson talked about this on his show last night, referring to Swalwell as Sir Hump-A-Lot (hey, he could write for us), so of course, the Left lost their ever-loving minds on Twitter. The only person who makes them froth at the mouth more than Tucker is Trump.

Look at these yahoos:

Making fun of Eric is hardly throwing a hissy fit but whatever helps them sleep at night.


Ugh, this tool.

Can you believe people pay him to tweet?

Well, considering WHO pays him to tweet we suppose it makes sense.

The worst we saw, though, comes from this Ricky Davila person. Full transparency, this editor wouldn’t have even noticed him if he didn’t have her blocked. Not to mention he has over 300k followers … yikes.

From the same people accusing Tucker of having a hissy fit.

THIS is what a hissy fit looks like.



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