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OMG HIDE YOUR LEGOS! FBI asking Twitter to report their friends and family for 'suspicious behavior' BACKFIRES

Whoever is tweeting for the FBI … stop it.

Because this is just damned embarassing.

Your government is asking you to report your friends and family for ‘extremism’ and suspicious behaviors.



For real?

C’mon, man!

And not just a little bit.


Yeah, that whole Lego story is falling apart.

We know, you’re shocked.

Sure seems that way as of late.




Ooh, good one.


They’re far too busy arresting people for their Lego sets.

That works.



FAFO –> Salon’s Zachary Petrizzo goes to CPAC to shriek about the big meanies there, gets WAY more than he asked for (watch)

WOMP-WOMP: EVIL Lego man with EVIL ‘fully constructed’ U.S. Capitol Lego set story already falling apart because DUH

MIC DROP x 1000: Tim Young TRIGGERS smug Joy Reid in back and for after she ‘plays’ dumb in attempt to trash Rob Schneider

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