Joy Reid just keeps out-ugly’ing herself on Twitter.

Is out-ugly’ing a word?

You know what? We don’t care if it is or not, it really works for this lame subtweet where she was ‘dunking’ on Rob Schneider. She was trying to make him insignificant because he has become a voice of reason against the government forcing people to vaccinate. And you know, she’s far too important to know who a comedian who has made dozens of films and has been making people laugh for decades is.

What a harpy:

Is it weird that Joy claimed time-traveling hackers posted a bunch of homophobic content on her old blog? Or is it weirder that she got away with that lame excuse?

Enter Tim Young:


She does.

Guess she didn’t like Tim’s tone here or something, el oh el:

She mad.


So much this.

All of this.

Went the dynamite.


Pretty damn true.

It’s really obnoxious.

A mic-drop tweet x 1000.


‘Nuff said.



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