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'DAY MADE': Michael Avenatti crying like a B*TCH during speech before sentencing is like watching KARMA in real-time

Tough guy Michael Avenatti who spent years promising to ruin Trump and his family (and anyone else who got in his way) cried during his speech today before the judge sentenced him. Yeah, it’s not nice for us to take joy in his tears but we never said we were nice.


Sucks to be you, Basta.

We’re not seeing a whole lot of sympathy for Avenatti.


We’re looking for video but it sounds like it’s just an audio file for now.

Except TV and Twitter made him famous.

Or would that be infamous?

Awww, poor lil guy.



And we still don’t feel sorry for him.

Gosh, he sounds a lot different from this guy:

Tough talk.

Big mistake.

No wonder the putz is crying.

An oldie but a goodie.


Don’t ever let these people forget how much they loved him.

Like the Holy Spirit.

Doesn’t much sound like he’s swinging.

Just sayin’.



‘Now cut to Biden eating ice cream!’ Katie Pavlich owns Jen Psaki with just 1 tweet for singing happy birthday to a reporter

‘This ain’t it, dude’: Jonah Goldberg continuing to double down on NSA and condescending to journo who called him out does NOT go over well

BASTA-HAHAHA! Same mainstream media that spent years SLOBBERING all over Avenatti now refuses to say his name and ROFL

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