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Just when you thought it couldn't get DUMBER --> US Naval War College's CRT lecture (free WiFi?) is all fail (watch if you can stand it)

Oh ffs.

No, wait.

This deserves capital letters.


Watch this.


We have no effing idea where a bunch of white people is getting free WiFi while people of color are being forced to pay double for it …

Who are these people and what broke them?

Yeah … we don’t really want to know.

Full disclosure, we didn’t make it through the whole thing. NOPE, CAN’T DO IT.



We find ourselves saying that more and more these days.

Don’t you?



What happened to ‘murder capitols of the world’?! Watch Kamala Harris then versus Kamala Harris NOW on the border crisis … it’s a DOOZY (video)

RIGGED: Dave Rubin’s response to docs exposing CA Dems’ access to rapid response team at Twitter (that REMOVES TWEETS) is ALL of us

Blue-check ‘debunker’ makes A*S of himself trying to debunk video of Black parent DESTROYING CRT (Candace Owens’ brother … REALLY dude?!)

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