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DAMMIT! We hate to admit it but The Hill just came up with the greatest ZINGER of them all for Jeffrey Toobin

This is not from The Babylon Bee.

Or Not the Babylon Bee.

Or The Onion.

Or even Twitchy … dammit.

This is from The Hill and it officially wins ‘greatest Toobin zinger of them all’.


Happy ending for Toobin.


We are so ashamed we didn’t come up with this one.

Double dammit.

From The Hill:

So, to unpack this, if Toobin had turned off his camera, this kind of behavior on a work call would have been a-okay?

It is amazing that CNN simply couldn’t cut ties with him, since there isn’t exactly a shortage of run-of-the-mill legal analysts to replace him. Is the embarrassment this brings the network really this important to a network in a ratings freefall that has lost nearly 70 percent of its audience since the beginning of the year?

For those who say Toobin shouldn’t have his career canceled for making this (very big) mistake, that’s not what’s being advocated here. If Toobin is this talented, this indispensable, and another network sees him as an addition to its lineup despite this incident, then no one should stop him from being signed elsewhere.

But, undoubtedly, CNN’s contracts – like all cable news and broadcast news contracts – have something called a morality clause. Those clauses basically say that one’s personal conduct can be considered for termination if he or she acts in what is deemed to be an inappropriate or reckless manner, thereby reflecting poorly on the network as a whole. Given the national headlines and ridicule, Toobin’s conduct has generated, the whole “reflects poorly on the network” thing would seem to apply here.


Holy crap, we agree with an opinion on The Hill.

Oh, it’s Joe Concha.

That explains it. Heh.

It is an exceptional choice or words.

Winning even.

We do too.




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