Since the fight against Critical Race Theory is really taking off, people who don’t have a real argument against the RACIST AF theory are starting to claim people just don’t understand what it really is. Sort of like morons who support socialism claiming it’s only failed because it’s never actually been instituted correctly.

Or something.

Morons like Joy Reid.

Oops, sorry. That was mean. Apologies to morons everywhere for comparing them to Joy:

Except we DO know what it is.

This is why so many of us OPPOSE IT.

Christopher Rufo was good enough to offer to come on her show and put her claim to the test.

Chris better be careful, homophobic time-traveling hackers follow Joy Reid around.

And *crickets*

Oh, in case you were wondering if Rufo actually knows what Critical Race Theory is … yup.

And so do the rest of us:


Ding ding ding.



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