To be clear, what Ilhan Omar said was REPUGNANT.

And sadly we weren’t in the least bit surprised that she said it with her history of anti-Semitism and anti-America rhetoric. Remember the Benjamins tweet? Or when talking about 9/11 she said, ‘Some people did some thing.’

Mehdi Hasan defending her says so much, and ain’t none of it good:

Oh good, we’re at the part of the news cycle where talking heads tell us what the jacka*s who said something stupid REALLY meant.

Richard Grenell wasn’t having any of it:


And disgusting.

So of course Mehdi doubled-down, but this time with nasty insults and personal attacks. You know what they say when people come back with only insults? *they got nothin’*



Note Mehdi was just called out trying to push a demonstrable brazen lie.

Richard ended it:

Gays are apostates is what you remarked.

Hey, if Mehdi is going to get personal he’s gonna get it back.

And boy howdy … did he ever get it back.



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