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'Petty and RUTHLESS': Biden officially retracts Trump’s discounts on insulin and Epipen BUT HEY, at least there's no mean tweets

We never want to hear about how compassionate and kind Biden is, ever again.


But at least there aren’t any more mean tweets.

Starting to feel like we say this more and more … 81 million people voted for this? REALLY? Maybe there is something to be said about making people take a basic Civics or IQ test before they vote in a presidential election because WTAF with this?

You’d think a guy who is married to a DOCTOR like Jill would know how harmful this is to Americans.

It was somehow racist or xenophobic or sexist or something for Trump to make it easier for diabetics to purchase their insulin.

Yeah, that’s it.

The same day this comes out the Biden admin announces ‘they’ are donating millions of Pfizer shots to other countries … while making insulin more expensive for Americans.

This is just sh*tty.






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