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When someone shows you who they really are: Human/Civil rights 'activist' and BLM supporter claims Israel is THE SAME as Nazi Germany

You know, this really pisses this editor off.

Beyond the fact that the tweet itself is a repugnant piece of rat-filth garbage BUT Twitter locked this editor for simply sharing emails between Fauci and Zuckerberg … but this is ok? REALLY JACK?!


Pretty sure this person doesn’t really give a damn about human rights. Just sayin’.

Note, 340k people follow him.

And over 1k people liked this abhorrent tweet.

There is seriously something wrong with Twitter.

Sorry, they’re too busy suspending accounts like Dr. Naomi Wolf for challenging vaccine rhetoric to actually do anything about real anti-Semitism on their site.

Heh, even David ‘I was an evil Trump supporter but I changed my mind so people would like me’ Weissman said this was too far:


But don’t worry dude, he respsects you.


That’s how it’s done. ^



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