Gosh, you’d think the Commander in Chief would at least send a freakin’ tweet about the day, right?

Maybe he just forgot since you know, he forgets a lot about ‘you know, the thing.’

And of course, the media was far too busy comparing Antifa thugs to actual warriors who battled fascism in World War II to bother reporting on the president’s lack of respect for the day.

The last tweet the Biden Twitter account sent was 15 hours ago …

We’re not ‘off-track’ but … thanks?

And pretty sure we don’t want to be on Biden’s track anyway.

And he thinks he’s a senator.



We did a search on Obama’s old presidential account and weren’t able to find any tweets about DDay … so maybe not a first for a Democrat.

Let’s not pretend they’ve ever actually been real fans of our military.



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