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'Narrator: You had nothing to do with it, Kammy': Kamala Harris tries taking credit for the latest jobs report and gets BLASTED with reality

Kamala Harris trying to take credit for a lackluster jobs report that she and Biden really had nothing to do with is the epitome of why so many people dislike her. We’re not even being mean, she’s just not good at this.


Like, at all.

There’s a reason Democrats even in her own state of California didn’t want her.


Let that sink in.

Gosh, Kamala, funny what happens when you OPEN THE DAMN COUNTRY.

Forget that Trump’s recovery was far more impressive:

We suppose when you’re not really accomplishing much as a new admin you’ve got to pretend but this was just painful.

Some businesses can’t open because they can’t hire help.



But … she doesn’t want to!

That’s hard and stuff.




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