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John Hayward's thread on media DELIBERATELY ignoring the truth about Antifa, BLM, and the Wuhan lab leak (and Big Tech helping) a DAMNING must-read

The media and Big Tech were more interested in hurting Trump than they were in telling the whole story. Duh.

We knew that.

But the way John Hayward spells it out in this thread?


*chef’s kiss*

Take a look.

Remember how any person calling Antifa out was a fascist? How anyone calling BLM out was a racist? How anyone calling out the Wuhan lab leak was a conspiracy theorist?

Yup, our media sucks.


They were manipulated because they wanted to be.




We honestly don’t remember the last time the legacy media actually got something right.

And Big Tech is enabling and even empowering these mistakes.



Weaponized by lefty Big Tech to do what, protect China? Hurt Trump?

What are their motives?

And those stories fit their NARRATIVE.



Ding ding ding!



‘Israel demonization plan?’ Prof takes NYT APART for pushing Palestinian propaganda ON THEIR FRONT PAGE with ZERO due diligence or fact-checking

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Raheem Kassam OWNS media for shrugging off Biden/Harris’ abysmal Memorial Day approach in ‘trip down memory lane’ thread and DAAAMN

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