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And BOOM goes the dynamite: Blue-check prof takes the NYT APART in brutal thread for pushing Palestinian propaganda on their front page

Palestinian propaganda? In the New York Times? Say it ain’t so!

This thread from Professor Gerald M. Steinberg blasting the New York Times for pushing this story on their front page without any sort of fact-checking or due diligence is really something else. Take a look:


Here we go.

Keep going.

Translation: Their story was super duper dramatic and they knew it would appeal to their readers so they didn’t bother with the facts and just ran with it.

Fine, his translation was better but still.


Details had not been confirmed.

Seems we see that a lot with our legacy, traditional, mainstream media.

Ya’ don’t say?

Way to go, NYT.

And then there’s this:



What was it Trump used to call the New York Times?

OH YEAH, fake news.

Yup, that’s it.



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