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‘Except this time their war on terror is aimed at YOU’: Tucker Carlson’s Jan 6 Commission monologue is straight fire (watch)

Tucker Carlson gets it.

While everyone and their dog on the Left keeps trying to make the noise with Liz Cheney and the Jan 6 commission about ‘people in the Trump cult’ they are missing the real issue most people on the Right have with what is happening with the feds. It’s not MUH TRUMP, as much as Liz wants that to be the case …



It’s that their efforts allow the media, and of course Democrats, to paint any and EVERY person who voted for Trump in the same unhinged, traitorous light.

Tucker of course said it far better:

Democrats are basically blaming Republicans for terror. Yup.

Remember when Harry Reid calls us all domestic terrorists?

It’s just like that, only on steroids because the media and even some Republicans are pushing it. All while the country goes to sh*t with Biden at the wheel.


‘This gives Democrats in the Congress effectively police powers …’

Scary stuff, folks.



‘The disease is a mental condition called … INTELLIGENCE’: Perfect video mocks just how FAR GONE many people are with COVID restrictions (watch)

‘Tell us their names, Chuck. We’ll wait’: Chuck Schumer claims Capitol police officers were killed, TRIPS spectacularly over Ashli Babbitt

ANOTHER bombshell from THAT laptop: Ex-FBI chief gave $100k to Biden’s grandchildren’s trust (but it definitely was NOT pay-to-play y’all)

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