In case you needed a reminder about how much Chuck Schumer sucks.

Capitol police officers were killed?

Which ones?

There was one Capitol police officer who was run over but that wasn’t done by a Trump supporter so Chuck isn’t all that concerned about his murder.

Honestly, the only person who was literally killed that day was a female Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt.

Say her name, Chuckles.


And we’re still waiting.



ANOTHER bombshell from THAT laptop: Ex-FBI chief gave $100k to Biden’s grandchildren’s trust (but it definitely was NOT pay-to-play y’all)

Awww, bless his little HEART: Joe Scarborough has a complete and total MELTDOWN over AZ audit annnd we can’t stop laughing (watch)

Biden’s America –> WATCH pro-Palestinian mob spit on Jewish diners in NYC (luckily the waiters prove NOT all heroes wear capes)