Being Jewish in NYC will apparently get you spit on … let that sink in.

Remember when the Left spent every day blaming Trump for the violent riots we were seeing last summer? Somehow it was all Trump’s fault? Those same butt-nuggets are oddly quiet about this violence in the streets now and how it’s Biden’s fault.

Funny how that works.

Watch (this is awful):

And in the streets of New York City.

The one good thing about this video is the waiters stepping in to protect the people dining. They deserve a raise and the biggest tips EVER.

Fair question.

Unfortunately, they’re far too busy vilifying Israel for their day job to actually care about Jews being attacked in the streets of New York City.


If you have an opportunity to dine at Benjamin’s Steakhouse Prime you absolutely should, AND TIP THOSE WAITERS!

And a bunch of other words that mean disgusting and horrifying.



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