We could watch Ted Cruz slap Biden around all day every day … especially when it comes to Russia.

And Putin.

After four years of Democrats accusing Trump of being a Russian asset and insisting Putin helped him win the 2016 election, they have this coming and so much more.

Ted Cruz slaps Biden … LOVE IT.


From RedState:

For the last five years, we’ve had non-stop accusations that former President Donald Trump was a foreign agent working at the behest of Vladimir Putin and Russia. In some cases, people meant that rhetorically while in others, they were dumb enough to mean it literally.

Regardless, you know what Donald Trump didn’t do? He didn’t green-light a pipeline that looks to give Russia massive control over Eastern Europe and Germany. You know who has done that? Joe Biden has done that because, in the end, he’s far softer on Russia than the media ever accused Trump of being.

Ted Cruz responded to the news of the sanctions being lifted that will allow the Nordstream 2 pipeline to finish construction. Words were not minced.

And speaking of words not being minced.


Double bam.

So much bam it went bam, stopped bamming, and then bammed again.




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