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Awww, bless his little HEART: Joe Scarborough has a complete and total MELTDOWN over AZ audit annnd we can't stop laughing (watch)

Sheesh. Someone get Joe Scarborough a Snickers bar.

Almost two minutes of his raging about the Arizona audit. We just don’t get why they’re so angry about a simple audit, especially if everything is on the up-and-up. It’s not unAmerican or anti-American to want answers when something doesn’t look right and of course, if things are ‘right’ then we can all move on and stop questioning.


But for whatever reason, this makes Joe all shrieky:


This certainly doesn’t seem like the behavior of someone who is confident in the results of the election being audited. Almost like he’s worried they’ll find something wrong? Or maybe he’s just had too much coffee …


Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.



Biden’s America –> WATCH pro-Palestinian mob spit on Jewish diners in NYC (luckily the waiters prove NOT all heroes wear capes)

OH SNAP! Ted Cruz asks the 1 question about Biden and Putin that will REALLY piss Sleepy Joe’s handlers off and it’s PERFECT

‘DEATH WARRANT FOR TEXANS’: Beto’s tweet trashing Abbott for opening Texas 100% in March has NOT aged well and BAHAHA

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