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Katie Pavlich has noticed a trend on Facebook where their ‘fact-checkers,’ aka Science Feedback, appear to censor certain ‘science’ if it doesn’t go along with their preferred narrative. One would think fact-checking would have to do more with FACTS (especially with SCIENCE), but when it comes to climate change, the narrative seems to topple everything else.


Katie, of course, said it far better in her piece for Townhall:

From TownHall:

But the censorship of Koonin’s book and any outlet that dares to discuss it is just one piece of the broader agenda being pushed by Science Feedback. The organization has repeatedly “fact-checked” Townhall pieces about climate change, labeling them false after ignoring context, falsely rebutting factual climate data, and effectively removing all debate about climate change from Facebook. They also suppress debate on other topics and regularly censor thoroughly-sourced stories about CDC guidance, masks, vaccines and more.

According to Science Feedback’s own fact-checking standards, they should be “following an unbiased approach to guarantee objectivity.” Instead, the site—sanctioned by Facebook—is engaged in an extremely biased approach to climate and general science by accepting only one view on these issues. Ironically, this is an anti-science approach. True science is dedicated to debate and experimentation, not conforming to a set narrative from Facebook “fact-checkers.”

Read the full story.

You know it’s bad if they’re censoring Steven Koonin of all people.

Especially when Koonin worked for Obama – so it’s not like they’re censoring some ‘evil’ conservative who they can claim supports Q or some other happy horseshiznit.

It seems his science is just not the right science in their OPINION.


Maybe Facebook should just call it ‘narrative-checking’ and stop trying to pretend they care at all about the facts when it comes to climate change?



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