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Annnd it just gets NUTTIER: Rebekah Jones' 9500-word reply to Charles C.W. Cooke's stellar NRO piece is just a HOT MESS

As Twitchy readers know, Charles C.W. Cooke wrote a fairly exceptional piece on ‘fabulist’ Rebekah Jones for The National Review. Full disclosure, this editor just this morning had the time to sit down and really read it and all we can say is … wow.


Seems Jones wrote a response/blog about his piece.

And managed to misspell his last name throughout the entire thing.

Oh, and she apparently plans to sue him for libel as well?

Wow, 9500 words. That’s like 20 Twitchy stories … EL OH EL.

Alrighty then.

Yeah. Thinking the blog/reply probably hurts her efforts to get Cooke to pay all of her bills, but what do we know?


COVID really and truly brought them all out.


Reading through her timeline there does seem to be a rather large group of people who are buying into this entire melodrama.

And it is sad.

Welp, it does seem like there’s quite a bit of exposure going on here.

We’ll see.



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