Would someone pretty please with sugar on top remind S.E. Cupp where she works because wow, the lack of self-awareness on this tweet is off the charts. We seem to remember her network treating Cuomo like he should be president, propping him up and praising his every move. Hell, the guy won an EMMY …

And NOW she’s ‘galled’ this same guy made over $5 million dollars AFTER media spent over a year fawning over his every move?!?!

Give us an effing break.

There’s always a tweet.

Full disclosure, we REMEMBERED her tweeting positively about Cuomo in 2020 but no matter how many searches we put through Twitter we couldn’t find it. LUCKILY, we remembered writing about it, and gosh golly and gee, here was the tweet we were looking for.

NO, S.E., THIS ^ is what’s really galling. The media, especially CNN, built Andrew Cuomo up to trash Trump, even though behind the scenes his orders were killing thousands of elderly people and people with developmental disabilities. And sure, it sounds like Cuomo could have been sexually harassing his aides as well BUT HEY, at least he wasn’t tweeting mean things and stuff.

These people.


What a great word for what they did.

Own it.


Most underrated and perfect tweet on this thread. Right there.

Yeah, S.E., go ask his brother about it.



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