Remember when people on the Right were talking about the origin of COVID stemming from a lab leak and our good, delicate friends in the media and on the Left were accusing them of being Q-CRAZIES and conspiracy theorists?

Good times.

Guess what … now that ol Trump is out of the White House this theory doesn’t sound so crazy anymore.

Wonder why?


Does she mean all of the corporate media because yup.

Caution and humility.

This sort of reminds us of people telling those who are taking their masks off to be kind to the same as*holes continuing to mask up who have spent the last year (plus!) attacking, shaming, and harassing them.

It’s hard to be the adult in the room sometimes.

Especially if you’re Jonathan Chait.

Ummmm …

Tweets are forever, Jonathan.

We’re not experts but gee whiz, it sure looks like Jonathan is mocking that theory … with Matt Yglesias maybe? Oh, wait, yeah, we are experts on mocking people and this right here IS mocking.

This reads.

As more info comes out about what they were doing it’s only going to get worse.

And it’s going to be a reckoning in 2022.



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