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Remove head from a*s BEFORE tweeting --> Rob Reiner's attempt to blame Trump for violence in the Middle East BACKFIRES spectacularly

You know what’s happening in the Middle East is REALY REALLY REALLY bad for Biden’s approval numbers when butt-nuggets like Rob Reiner are trying to blame Jared Kushner (aka Trump) for it. Forget that it was Biden who decided to give Iran (who FUNDS HAMAS) a bunch of moolah.


Somehow it’s Trump’s fault to this brain-dead troglodyte.

Rob. Stop it. Get some help.

There were no issues for FOUR YEARS, Rob. None. Does he really think this is all a coincidence?

You know what, don’t even bother answering that.

There ya’ go.

We’re not sure he thinks anything through.

Scary fast, right?

That would be President Silver Alert.


And it’s only May.



That’s our impression of what it’s like inside Rob Reiner’s head.

Crazy, right?

And absolutely horrible.



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