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No WORDS! Richard Dawkins taken APART by brilliant radio host for claiming children with Down syndrome 'increase suffering in the world' (watch)

Richard Dawkins is a genocidal bigot.

Sorry, not sorry.

Any person who openly advocates for the destruction of human life because it’s not ‘perfect’ in their eyes simply has no soul. Who is to say what is normal, what is perfect, what is the natural human condition form because THIS EDITOR will tell you, a disability is truly a normal, NATURAL part of the human condition. People with disabilities aren’t broken or less than … they are people.



And let’s be brutally honest here, people with Down syndrome bring far less ‘suffering to this world’ than a-holes like Richard.


Love hearing him held accountable, the stammering and backpedaling … there is no excuse for that sort of commentary.

Absolutely NONE.

And this host played it so well.

*this editor would not have been so kind*

True story.



It was indeed an exceptional interview … he handed Dick his a*s.




Remove head from a*s BEFORE tweeting –> Rob Reiner’s attempt to blame Trump for violence in the Middle East BACKFIRES spectacularly

What SHE said! Megyn Kelly’s response to Rachel Maddow melting DOWN over maskless Americans is just PERFECTION

‘Pro-terrorism must be the new WOKE’: AOC referencing apartheid to trash Israel does NOT end well for her, like at all

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