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CNN's Adeel Raja tries deleting tweet calling for a 'new Hitler' BUUUT we got it; Updated: Raja's been tweeting about Hitler a long time

–UPDATED to add the many seemingly pro-Hitler tweets this guy has sent in the past. Hey, you’re welcome:


So it’s NOT a one-time thing.


Yup, CNN has some ‘splainin’ to do.


*THIS* is CNN.

Earlier today, CNN contributor Adeel Raja sent out a tweet claiming the world today needs a Hitler. Not even joking, not even making up some sort of snarky response to jab CNN for looking anti-Semitic … nope. The guy actually tweeted it.

And 402 as*holes LIKED IT before he deleted it.

What a dump CNN has become over the years …

Truly awful and shameful. Conservatives get suspended over the word ‘pansy’ and have been fired and canceled for far less. But this guy still has a job.

As one of CNN’s finest:

No joke.

And he’s not just a casual contributor …


54 stories.

And that sweet CNN moolah?

We’re not holding our breath for CNN to actually do a damn thing about it but just wow.

He’s still going, just not calling for a new Hitler.

But we all saw his tweet.

Tweets are forever.



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