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'We appreciate you covering your face': Havard's Pride David Hogg has some super sciency reasoning for KEEPING his mask on and LOL

Even though the CDC has said vaccinated people can drop their masks, David Hogg says he doesn’t plan to drop his anytime soon because of science and data.


Ok, not really.

His reasoning is stupid and something you’d expect from a guy who couldn’t keep up with a pillow company.

Thanks for reminding us all what the masks are REALLY for, David.


Because you know, only conservatives can think for themselves? He thinks this is a dig?




‘Nuff said.



‘Not even popular in the quasi-honeymoon stage’: Glenn Greenwald BRUTALLY honest about how unpopular Kamala Harris really is and OUCH

‘A threat? Really?!’ Rachel Maddow says the quiet part about masks OUT LOUD while rambling incoherently about CDC’s latest guidance

Keep your hands AWAY from his mouth! Matt Negrin LOSES IT babbling about House Republicans trying to murder Dems and GET THE NET

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