We read a lot of crazy tweets from a lot of crazy people … it’s sort of our bread and butter some days. But this one from Matt Negrin who is apparently the current host of Hardball (we didn’t know either) is one of those tweets where we hope people are keeping their fingers away from his mouth.

This is some seriously unhinged nonsense.

You have to wonder if Matt was typing this while staring at himself in the mirror and applying lipstick all around his mouth.

Maybe dancing around in his basement by himself?


But wait, there’s more.

‘tried to murder Democrats’.

And accusing Steve Scalise? REALLY?!!?

Hey, ding-a-ling, the only person who literally tried to murder people based on their political affiliation is the jacka*s who ACTUALLY SHOT Steve Scalise.

It’s Twitter.

People say some really dumb stuff.

Granted, this is nuclear-level stupid and stupid people would walk by this tweet and say, ‘Damn, this is stupid,’ but still, Twitter.

Because Matt is a troglodyte.


Yeah, this was not only insane but really stupid as well.

Not a good combo.



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