Jill Filipovic is really freaking out over the fact that the CDC’s new guidance quite clearly states that fully vaccinated people can drop their masks, both outside and INSIDE. The horror! Allowing Americans to choose for themselves … what a novel concept.

We can’t decide if she was like this before the pandemic and it just emboldened the fascist in her OR if she’s been broken by the messaging of our public health officials and the media.

Maybe both.

Why waste time, Jill, just make us all wear a little patch or something …

Holy crap.

And she thinks this is a reasonable and even acceptable way to behave. That’s the scariest thing of all. The people losing their minds because the government will no longer be controlling them and telling them what to wear, where to go, where to stand.

It’s as if they’ve lost their ability to adult.

Nailed it.

And she’s not unique. There are thousands of people on social media screeching about making other people cover their faces. It’s beyond pitiful that we are at this place in AMERICA of all countries.

We need more of this:

Even some of her supporters aren’t in agreement with her.

Makes sense, yes?

Not if you’re Jill:

Spoken like someone who has zero faith or any ideas about religion.


This is nuts.

She is really fighting for the government to force people to show proof of their vaccination.

Creepy and horrible.

And we’re done here.



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