Welp, Rep. Elise Stefanik is the newly elected House GOP Conference Chair.

Her statement:

Notice some keywords here that Liz Cheney couldn’t seem to figure out: Republicans are united in our focus to fight, focused on growing our economy, getting people back to work, reopening schools, promoting American energy independence, securing the border.

And not a word about ORANGE MAN BAD.

The Left can make this about Trump all they want (let’s be honest, they need to make it about him), but what really got her booted was her inability to unite and focus on the here and now. If she had an issue with Trump calling the election a big lie she wasn’t alone, there were other Republicans who did as well. But THEY MOVED ON because they know the country needs them.

Liz couldn’t stop playing politics and it cost her.

And the reaction from the Left is something else …

What exactly sounds like ‘a total loon’ in her statement?

That whole constitution thing. Right?

These people.

We’re sure Elise is heartbroken over this tweet. Such an OWN.


They’re such melodramatic little things.

They’re such a thoughtful and well-spoken group.


Oh, and of course The Lincoln Project is already trying to destroy her because you know, they don’t really have anything else to do these days and they need someone to hate on:

Sad, ain’t it?


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