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'A threat? Really?!' Rachel Maddow says the quiet part about masks OUT LOUD while rambling incoherently about CDC's latest guidance

Rachel Maddow really is broken … judging people THIS MUCH based on a mask?

We could see some people being nervous about going maskless after spending a year (or more) with their faces covered but to vilify so many people based on your own ugly and hateful ideas because of a piece of cloth?


This is screwed up.


Masks stopped being about public health a long time ago and became something else entirely.

They became a weapon. A way to vilify one another … and that Rachel says it so openly and nonchalantly says so much about her and ain’t none of it good.

Just pathetic.

Conditioned to see your fellow man as a threat.

Shame on the public health officials, government, and the media who are absolutely responsible for this.





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