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'You can’t POSSIBLY be this dim.’ Stephanie Ruhle lecturing biz owners about their biz model and why they can't find employees BACKFIRES

The government paying people not to work is making it hard for employers to find employees.

Gosh, we’re shocked.


That and you know, completely shutting down entire economies over a virus in order to force mail-in voting to get rid of the bad orange man. *adjusts tin foil*

Stephanie Ruhle was good enough to remind us all that journalists don’t know anything about economics, even when they are supposed to.

Thanks Steph!

She doesn’t get it.

But she’s not special.

None of them seem to understand that it doesn’t matter what employers are willing to pay when the government is giving people 15 an hour to sit home and do nothing.


That’ll fix it!


Hard for an employer to compete with the federal government.



To Hell with them.

*shakes fist*


Nice of Steph to show us how truly out of touch she is with average, everyday small businesses.



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