The NRA wished NRA moms a Happy Mother’s Day in a way that makes sense if you’re an NRA mom.

Not so much if you’re an unhinged, deranged, thin-skinned, overly emotional, brainwashed, anti-gunner who doesn’t have a clue who NRA moms are or what they care about. This meme was not meant for the gun trolls … but their reaction made it trend which made this editor laugh.

Seriously, people lost their shiznit over this because you know, little girls shouldn’t have a gun or something.

This thing has over 4700 quote-tweets which is a lot.

And you guys, the amount of unhinged insanity is … well, it would be troubling it if weren’t so a damn hilarious.


Doomed because we support the second amendment.


What do you all want to bet these same people are just fine with the government using tax monies to fund Planned Parenthood?

Poor Dave, he seems to think the government funds the NRA.


Yeah, he was trying to make some clever dig about Planned Parenthood getting defunded BUT this would only work if the government was giving the NRA millions and millions of our tax dollars every year. Which they don’t.

Huh again?



Hey, at least he’s not making jokes about teenagers getting killed during a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert or bullying a Target manager so much people raised thousands of dollars for her to go on vacation.

You know the face you make when you’re pretty sure your corgi passed gas under your desk but you don’t want to judge him?

Yup, just made that face.

Look, the ad/meme may not be everyone’s cup of tea (honestly, this editor doesn’t really care one way or the other), but ultimately if our unglued, simple-minded pals on the Left hadn’t lost their MINDS over this it probably wouldn’t have gotten nearly the attention it did.

So we suppose the NRA owes them all a thank-you card.



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