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Blue-check's repugnant tweet proves no matter what science says about COVID or how successful red states are frothy-mouthed hateful progs will peddle INSANITY

You know, we don’t really know what to say about this Mikel Jollett guy’s tweet blaming the GOP and Fox News for keeping America from reaching herd immunity. Of course, if you read the New York Times article they explain it’s like other viruses, and that we just adjust and protect the vulnerable … as we’ve done for years and years.


It’s odd how Mikel seems to think ‘herd immunity’ means the virus goes away.

Angry and uninformed is no way to go through life. Just sayin’.

What a sweetie.

Yeah, GOP, it’s all your fault. Not China’s and not the Democrats who ignored the first signs of the virus because they were too busy trying to impeach Trump.

Nope, the GOP.

And Fox News.

Who thinks like that?

You know what, we don’t wanna know.

Note, Mikel has this editor blocked so we’re assuming he likes preaching to the choir.

And wow, his choir is exceptionally awful.


The irony of someone tweeting this as a response to a guy blaming a news outlet for a virus spreading.

Alrighty then.

They think they’re the smart ones.


Right? Republicans like DeSantis are really working to prolong the pandemic.




They still think Q is a thing.

We almost feel sorry for them.


This guy wants more people to die.

And Mikel thinks the GOP is a death cult?




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