You would think after the social media beating Glenn Kessler took for his racist hit-piece on Sen. Tim Scott that he would at the very least avoid talking about Scott at all. At least for a little while but no … instead, Glenn went on NPR to defend his crappy ‘fact-check’ on Scott.

Keep in mind, NPR is state-funded media.

‘Digs into …’

Welp, Glenn definitely keeps digging that hole.

From NPR:

You know, I did not have an inkling. I mean, I’ll explain. I gave Scott and his staff every opportunity to respond to my research. On March 26, four weeks before the article was published, I sent his staff many of the documents and an outline of my questions. I was told I would be getting a call from the senator to discuss what I had found. I told his staff I was not trying to play gotcha. I was being completely transparent. And I even sent them a detailed list of every question I hoped he would answer. Ultimately, they said he was too busy to talk to me.

So Glenn went forward with his ‘fact-check’.

Because it’s too HARD.

He said so.

Ain’t it?


That seems problematic.

For Jonah.



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