Remember when our good, tolerant, honest, reliable, forthcoming, dependable friends in the media were mocking and trashing President Trump for claiming we would have a vaccine by the end of 2020? Gosh, we do. We even remember when VP Harris said she wouldn’t trust a vaccine from Trump.

Good times.

And now look at this slop from CNN.

Seriously, pigs who eat slop would look at this tweet, headline, and story and say, ‘Damn, that is some crazy slop.’

Here, we’ll fix it for them:

The urgent, wartime effort by President TRUMP and his top advisers to get millions of vaccines in the arms of Americans has allowed the US to go from having one of the worst COVID responses in the world to being a global leader in vaccinations.

There, that’s better.

From CNN: (sorry, if we have to read it so do you)

The effort, described to CNN during in-depth interviews with three of the administration’s top Covid advisers and two other White House officials, has allowed the US to go from having one of the worst Covid responses in the world to being a global leader in getting shots in arms. The interviews reveal how the Biden team inherited a pandemic at its zenith with a high demand for vaccines and little supply, along with no long-term plan to vaccinate millions of Americans. The President, at times impatient, pressed his advisers harder on ways to improve the federal government’s response to the virus.


Orange. Man. Bad.

Or something.

We’re embarrassed for them.

Making the list AND Twitchy.




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