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'Might be the WORST I've ever seen': Drew Holden's receipt-filled thread absolutely DECIMATES the Ma’Khia Bryant news cycle

We see a LOT of bad news cycles but this one has been impressively bad.

Drew Holden did what he always does (God love him) and put together a thread of the ridiculous coverage we’ve seen around Ma’Khia Bryan, not to mention the ridiculous and embarrassing behavior of our good, honest, friends on the Left.


This one’s a doozy:

For Drew to say it might be the worst he’s ever seen you KNOW it’s bad.

WaPo front and center being gross and awful.

As usual.



They needed to make the cop the villain no matter what, and in doing so made themselves look so so so bad.

They leave the original debunked story up to push their narrative and quietly correct it later.

Media is responsible for so much of the outrage and misinformation we see.


Hey man, that narrative ain’t gonna write itself.

Awww yes, because the white kid who defended himself from other white people wasn’t shot … and of course, David Leavitt is in there.

Acted in bad faith is the name of the leftist game.

Sorry, not sorry.


Those were some of the WORST.

An enormous, malignant problem that’s been an enormous, malignant problem for years.



He’s an ass.

Ma’Khia absolutely is a victim in all of this – she’s being exploited for a narrative that upholds and even supports the very system that failed her.


Bad faith.



That’s EXACTLY what they do, and why the falsehood may bet 1 BAZILLION retweets and likes while the correction gets maybe a dozen of each.

And there are zero consequences for them.



DAYUM! @ComfortablySmug returns the favor and blasts Glenn Kessler with his OWN grandfather’s history (Nazi salute?!) for going after Tim Scott

‘Stop using ME, a Black man, as your pawn’: Watch NC Lt. Gov Mark Robinson trigger TF out of Dems talking about election integrity and voting rights

‘TOSS A NERF FOOTBALL AT HER!’ Thread of ‘geniuses’ suggesting how Ohio officer SHOULD have responded to Ma’Khia Bryant wins Twitter

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