If you want to take a gander into how stupid anti-police/anti-gun/anti-law Twitter really is, look no further than this long but EPIC thread from J.R. Holmsted. Yes, it’s long but the reason it’s long is that there are a whole lotta stupid people staying stupid stuff …

Because you know, it’s Twitter.

Big thanks to Holmsted for putting this together.

Keep going.

Narrative is all that matters.


So much genius here.

All the genius.

Hog ties?! CAN YOU IMAGINE the fit they’d throw if a white cop ‘hog-tied’ a young black woman?!


Usually someone screaming that they’re going to ‘f**king stab you’ are all about chatting.

‘Ninja Cops’ sounds like an 80s cartoon.

Good times.

You can always tell when someone has zero experience with a firearm. Always. Police are not trained to injure.

Because stabbing the girl more slowly would have been better.

You know what? We got nothin’.

They just keep going up and up. LOL

Psh, getting stabbed is so not a big deal. Totally.




Just run up and say BOO.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Say what now?



The video pretty much puts the whole thing to bed.

Oddly enough when she went to stab the other young black woman she didn’t seem all that concerned about surrendering but what do we know?

This must happen!



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