It seems that the Black Lives Matter movement only cares about certain black lives, namely those lost that can be used to further their agenda of white man bad. But if they really want us to believe THEY believe black lives matter then they need to start talking about all lives lost.

As does the media.

Especially these little ones Leonydus Johnson started a new thread for … these are children who have been shot in drive-bys and other gun violence NOT tied to a police officer.

Note, this thread is indeed heartbreaking, and to be completely transparent, this editor almost couldn’t write about it. But then she decided this needed to get out there beyond just a thread on Twitter.

Take a look at these poor babies:

She was only 6.

Never heard about this.

They’re all stories that should have made the news but didn’t … because it didn’t feed the right narrative.

Heart. Breaking.

Shooting into his apartment.

Another drive-by shooting.

Shooting into the car.

So many young lives lost, and their lives MATTERED.



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