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'He SAVED a black life': Candace Owens tears LeBron a NEW ONE for threatening the cop who saved black girl from being stabbed

As Twitchy readers know, LeBron James seriously needs to put his Twitter down and maybe just focus on dribbling the basketball. Sorry, not sorry. It’s one thing to have opinions on politics and voice them, it’s quite another to say really really really stupid sh*t that could get someone killed, especially when you’re someone like LeBron James.


Who’s ‘so damn tired’ …

See? Another really stupid tweet.

At this point it would be more news-worthy if LeBron wasn’t tweeting stupid stuff. The headline could read, ‘LeBron FINALLY pulls head from a*s …’

Candace Owens came out swinging:

Gosh, Candace should really learn not to be so shy and stuff.


Damn, we felt that over here, LeBron.


Actually a very fair and rational tweet.

Something that you don’t see often on Twitter so huzzah.

She did indeed say what she said.

And it needed to be said.

All of it.




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