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So we IMPEACH her now, RIGHT?! Maxine Waters' Chauvin comments while marching in Brooklyn Center sound a LOT like inciting violence (watch)

Nothing to see here, folks, just another Democrat inciting riots and pushing for violence if they don’t get their way. Can you IMAGINE if Trump had said something even remotely close to this? They are still trying to blame him for the Capitol ‘insurrection’ for telling people to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard.


This sounds like a straight-up call for violence to us:

Is she seriously wearing a face shield over her mask OUTSIDE?


Thanks for the reminder that we need term limits, Maxine.





She has.

Then again, ol’ Max ‘Doesn’t Even Live In Her Own District’ Waters has been inciting violence and saying stupid crap for years with zero consequences so we’re not surprised.



Wait, that doesn’t work anymore.

Sleepy Joe bad?


Sure seems that way.

We are a lot easier to rule over and control when we’re busy fighting with one another.

Just sayin’.


Indeed it is.



FRE-D’OH! Chris Cuomo trips spectacularly over REALITY claiming police reform won’t happen until ‘white people’s kids start getting killed’

OOF-DAH: Mollie Hemingway DROPS Brian Stelter with his old tweet trashing Trump with debunked Russian bounties story

Wait … where TF is Sleepy Joe?! Biden’s no-show with Japan’s Prime Minister Suga gets even MORE awkward with Kamala Harris (watch)

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