We love that Mollie Hemingway shared this ‘golden oldie’ from Brian Stelter.

Honestly, we’re surprised Tater hasn’t pulled the tweet down now that we all know what we know and they’re walking these accusations back.



It’s almost as if Trump was right about all of those fake new stories.


Sad, ain’t it?

REALLY really bad at it.


That’s him!



Wait … where TF is Sleepy Joe?! Biden’s no-show with Japan’s Prime Minister Suga gets even MORE awkward with Kamala Harris (watch)

**GASP** The Hill b*tching and moaning about Cruz going MASKLESS in the Capitol BACKFIRES beautifully

BOOYAH: David Reaboi drops ALL the mics (and then some) on Rashida Tlaib and her BS rationale for wanting to pack the court