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Here's another 'fun little item' by the reporter who did the Dave Portnoy...

BOOMAGE! Megyn Kelly has a serious warning for Heads of School determined to shove Critical Race Theory down students' throats

Megyn Kelly ain’t playin’.

Or something like that.

Seems Jim Best is ‘out’ as headmaster of the Dalton School for trying to force Critical Race Theory down the throats of students who attend. You’d think private schools would be safe from this political, revisionist, anti-American horse crap … which is probably why he went bye-bye.


What Megyn said.

Stop the hateful division.


And public school principals! School boards! District heads!

Critical Race Theory and the ridiculous notion of ‘equity’ are destroying the basic fundamentals of education and dividing our society more and more.

Especially in places like Loudoun County, VA:

Devastating schools.



We need this sort of determination and action taken in ALL schools, private, public charter … all of them.

And now.



So we IMPEACH her now, RIGHT?! Maxine Waters’ Chauvin comments while marching in Brooklyn Center sound a LOT like inciting violence (watch)

Dude, WTF?! What Chris Cuomo suggests needs to take place for police reform to happen sounds like a threat (and umm, pretty damn racist)

OOF-DAH: Mollie Hemingway DROPS Brian Stelter with his old tweet trashing Trump with debunked Russian bounties story

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