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'What HE should be telling us': Brit Hume shares COVID vaccine thread from actual Professor that will TOTALLY piss Dr. Fauci OFF

Brit Hume has been a tried and true voice of reason throughout the entire pandemic, refusing to buy into the hysteria, calling out governments for locking their states and their people down, and sharing information from experts our COVID-happy media would rather ignore.


Like this thread from Professor Francois Balloux, and to Brit’s point, this is the sort of perspective we should be getting from Fauci. Not the, ‘OMG I GOT VACCINATED BUT STILL REFUSE TO DROP THE MASK OR LIVE MY LIFE’ nonsense we keep getting from him instead.

Take a look.


Clicks and taps, baby.

Clicks and taps.


No way! REALLY?!

Gosh, whoda thunk it?


For example, people who get the flu shot every year still get the flu. This isn’t rocket science.

That won’t stop the media from covering them and insisting WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE.


You know, people who hid in their homes for a year and let their immune systems go to pot?

Just spitballin’.

Now, why oh why is Fauci not telling us this stuff?



All day THIS! Nate Silver’s (yes, THAT Nate Silver) thread on why media keeps heavily emphasizing negative COVID news is spot-ON

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